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Do you work in the world of software? Do any of the below situations describe problems you have to deal with on a regular basis?

Product security teams

- Are you always fire-fighting when it comes to the most recent security issue, question, or discussion?

- Is it a challenge to communicate with business leaders about the relative severity of vulnerabilities or the likelihood of someone bad exploiting them (or…gasp…even understand these things yourself)?

- Does it seem like those focused on revenue generation ignore your recommendations and accept wild levels of risk?

Business leaders

- Does it always seem like security is a “blocker” or that your risk management organization is constantly crying wolf?

- Are you unable to understand the overall cyber risk landscape for your product or company?

- Can you even weigh this risk effectively against all the other challenges you are facing?

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With each issue of Deploying Securely, I’ll do a deep dive into a cybersecurity topic, providing actionable recommendations and frameworks to help you protect your customers and your business.

Through the Deploying Securely store, I also offer playbooks and workflows to help you to implement the concepts I write about here.

Disclosures and disclaimers: everything I write here reflects my personal views alone. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, I am not speaking for any of my past or present employers.

I am not an attorney, accountant, or any type of government-licensed professional. I am not offering legal or accounting advice and advise you to contact the appropriately accredited person if that is what you are seeking. Everything I write here is provided “AS IS” and without warranty; you accept all risk involved in implementing any recommendations I offer.

If I stand to receive direct compensation from any company, product, or service (other than my own) mentioned in this newsletter, I will do my best to make that clear, although I expect that to be a rare situation.

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Walter Haydock
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